Project SIM: Smart Mobile Health

Improving Outcomes for Patients with Diabetes through the Use of 3G and 4G Technologies

Mobile Enabled Remote Screening and Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Diseases

Project SIM: Smart Mobile Health is a twelve-month clinical study in residents of Complexo do Alemão, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that aims to demonstrate how an innovative mobile health platform can be an effective approach to improving outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The specialized platform supports patient adherence and engagement in treatment through remote monitoring and better access to educational resources. The clinical study protocol was approved by the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) and the City of Rio de Janeiro’s Health Secretariat.

Project goals

  • Demonstrate the use of 3G and 4G technology as the backbone of a mobile health system;
  • Improve therapy management of patients with chronic diseases through remote monitoring;
  • Promote patient adherence and engagement in treatment through better access to educational resources and self-monitoring;
  • Create a cost-effective solution that is easy to maintain.
Projeto SIM - Sistema Web
Project SIM - Web System

Watch our webcasting

Click here to see the panel about the importance of monitoring Diabetes with the special participation of Dr. Drauzio Varella, doctors and patients from Zilda Arns Clinic that are participating in a clinical study that aims to demonstrate the benefits of mobile health solutions.



The existing public health care infrastructure in Brazil was primarily created to deal with acute diseases. Today, a different health care system is needed to cope with the lengthy duration and demand of chronic diseases.

An increase in life expectancy in Brazil of up to 12.4 years 1 over the last 30 years has resulted in a larger elderly population requiring treatment for chronic diseases, therefore increasing the demand for public health care services.

Despite the significant efforts from the City of Rio de Janeiro’s Health Secretariat to deal with chronic diseases, the number of patients continue to increase. There is a strong need for tools that enable the existing health care workers to reach more patients faster and more efficiently.

Brazil 2016 Statistics *

  • Population (est.)*: 207.3
  • Life Expectancy*: 73.8
  • GDP Per Capita (2016 est.)*: US$15,200
  • Mobile penetration: 109%

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Mobile App

With an simple and functional interface, the app developed by MTM Tecnologia provides a constant connection between health workers and the patient.

Health Evolution

Patient can track and receive feedback on their progress according to the information collected.

Remote monitoring

Patient can register information according to the protocol defined by the doctor.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Educational material

Online and offline access to educational material in the library.

Patient mood

Snapdragon exclusive feature enables system to automatically identify patient mood based on patient picture.

Health Care Workers Web System

System empowers health care workers enabling them to define the patient data collection protocol (which information to collect and when), send messages, publish educational material and track patient progress.

Web System
Web System


Real-time information relevant to the patient and to the study.


Rapid and efficient patient contact.

Full reports

Qualitative and quantitative data analysis.


Complete verification of monitoring and collected data.

Health Care Kit

Health care kits will be distributed to the patients participating in the study.


Check patient weight.

Blood pressure monitor

Check patient blood pressure.

Health care kits
Health care kits



Check physical activity.

Tablets and smartphones

Enable access to mobile app.